To perform Update, follow the next steps:

  • Download the desired update version to the device from which you are going to update.
  • NAVCOMM With the device without power, press the bottom black button (just above the joystick) and turn on the power (usually this will be the ignition key)
  • NAVCOMM PRO With the device without power, press the lever forward (Roadbook lever) and turn on the power (usually this will be the ignition key)
  • The led will go on without blinking in cyan color. This indicates that the controller is in access point mode. You can release the button.
  • Do a search for Wi-Fi networks from the device that has saved the update file. You will see the HESA network. Connect to her with HESAPARTS password. Disconnect the mobile data connection.
  • Once connected, from the browser enter the address
  • You will enter the update screen, where, you can see the version that is installed on your device. Enter model (NAVCOMM) and password (NAVCOMM)…both in upper case.  NAVCOMMPRO is model (NAVCOMMPRO) and password (NAVCOMMPRO)
  • Select the file you have downloaded and press “update”
  • Wait for 100% update to finish. It will only take a few seconds.
  • You can install the version you want, for example, if you are on version 2 you can downgrade to version 1. This way if the update is not to your liking you can always go back to the previous one

VERY IMPORTANT: Never update with a file that is not official from HESAPARTS. Otherwise you can irreversibly damage the device.

Don’t try to update a model with another model’s file



Release stable version

The functionality of the central button on the joystick has been canceled due to unwanted presses

Fix reconection problems on pairing

Holds on memory last state. New apps compatibility


Release stable version

Adds Music functions under Navigation Mode

AUTO OFF function when NAVCOMM PRO don’t detect bluetooth conection