• NAVCOMM PRO is designed for installation on standard 22mm handlebars.
  • You must create an adequate space (minimum 20mm) between the grip and the pineapple of your motorcycle.
  • Depending on your driving style (standing or sitting), rotate the NAVCOMM until you find a comfortable position to access all controls.
  • Use the provided flange and the two M4 screws to secure the NAVCOMM to the handlebar. Requires a 2.5mm allen key (not provided)
  • Correctly position the power cable, passing it along with the cables
    from the original pineapple. Replace the handlebar clamps.
  • Make sure that the power connection is made to a socket with an ignition key. Never install directly to the battery. If connecting via USB, make sure that the power from the USB socket is properly connected to a power socket with an ignition key.

NAVCOMM PRO has 4 modes of use. The current mode is easily recognizable by the color of the LED. The colors are as follows:
1. CYAN __________ Mode 1 ______________ DMD2
2. BLUE __________ Mode 2 _______ GPS NAVIGATION & MUSIC CONTROL
3. RED____________ Mode 3 ____ ROADBOOK / MUSIC

4. RED/BLUE/RED_____Mode 4_______TERRA PIRATE

  • When starting NAVCOMM PRO always starts in the last mode from which it was disconnected
  • To change modes, simply press the lever forward and button 1. The LED will remain fixed for two seconds, indicating the new mode with its color.
    Being in mode 4, when changing mode the cycle becomes mode 1.
    In normal operation, NAVCOMM PRO will always flash slowly indicating the current mode

Mode 1 _________ DMD2 (LED cyan)

  • With the Directional Joystick , we can move across the screen up,
    down, left and right.
  • By pressing the joystick inwards, we select the option that is active in
    that moment
  • Keeping the joystick inwards pressed, we change from the lower menu to the
    control screen and vice versa
  • Buttons (1) and (2) are special functions that will only work in certain
    active system screens or applications. For example, in Roadbook mode, with
    With these buttons we will add or subtract meters in the trip. In GPS mode, we will
    zoom + and zoom –

Mode 2 __________ NAVIGATION GPS (Blue LED)

  • NAVCOMM PRO is optimized to work with OSMAND. However, he is able
    to maintain the main functions such as moving the map and zooming in most of
    apps currently in use
  • With the directional joystick  we will move the map in the 4 directions. leaving the
    lever pressed, a fast constant movement will be made
  • By pressing the joystick in, we will center the map on the current position. Pressing 3 seconds change map orientation
  • With the buttons (1) and (2) we will zoom + and zoom – respectively
  • Pressing the lever forward one click advances the track. Two clicks increase volume
  • By pressing the lever back one click, you go back track. Two clicks lower volume

Mode 3 ___________ROADBOOK / MUSIC (Red LED)

To simplify the operation of NAVCOMM PRO, the Roadbook and Music functions are
have been unified in the same way… which greatly simplifies the
system operation and avoids having to remember cumbersome menus and options
Music Apps

  • Forward or backward lever, we go to the next or previous song
  • Joystick in, play/pause
  • Button (1) and (2) volume up and down
    Roadbook Apps
  • In most applications, the controls to control the roadbook will be the
  • Lever forward or backward, raise or lower the roadbook (pdf up or down)
  • Button (1) and (2) raise and lower the trip meters
  • However, more complete and configurable applications, the previous controls are
  • You can add the following functions:
  • Joystick in, Reset trip
  • Joystick up or down, add or subtract meters on trip 2 (configurable)


NAVCOMM PRO is fully compatible with the TERRA PIRATA RALLY ROADBOOK application. In this mode we provide complete compatibility on both ANDROID and iOS systems. The modifications or updates that are made to the application will be implemented in this mode in each update. The main commands are:

  • Lever forward or backward, raise or lower the roadbook (pdf up or down)
  • Button (1) and (2) raise and lower the trip meters
  • Joystick in one click, Reset trip 2
  • Joystick inwards long press, Reset trip 1
  • Joystick inwards two clicks, locks/unlocks screen
  • Joystick up or down, add or subtract meters in trip 2